What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine gets its name from the Latin term "Aqua Marinus," meaning "Water of the sea." This gemstone showcases stunning shades that evoke the beauty of the ocean. Belonging to the Beryl family, which also houses Emerald, Morganite, and Heliodor, Aquamarine's blue-green tones are derived from the iron oxides within the crystal.

Aquamarine Healing Benefits:

Aquamarine embodies the essence of the ocean, aiding in releasing what no longer aligns with one's highest purpose. This crystal is particularly effective in reducing resistance and guiding individuals towards their Higher Self. It provides a calming influence to navigate emotions and embrace life's flow.

Simply gazing at Aquamarine evokes the tranquil sensation of swimming in the ocean's soothing waters. For those drawn to mermaids and dolphins, Aquamarine facilitates a deeper connection with these creatures. It is favored by shamans, healers, mystics, and prophets for its ability to facilitate communication with the spiritual realm.

Aquamarine imparts lessons on empowerment, emphasizing that true strength lies in embracing light-hearted emotions like joy, ease, and bliss. It encourages letting go of burdens to maintain a lighter existence. This crystal is beneficial for educators, enhancing their ability to express their truths with love and clarity.

An Aquamarine Healing Ritual:

Create a serene bath environment by ensuring your bathroom is tidy and cozy. Light candles and consider burning sage or incense for added ambiance. Utilize your preferred natural bubble bath or other bath products. Enhance your relaxation by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath.

Position your Aquamarine crystal on the bathtub's edge. Ease into your bath, take deep breaths, and allow yourself to settle in. Embrace the calming waters, letting them envelop you as you unwind.

Focus on your Aquamarine crystal, possibly gazing at it with soft eyes. Envision its energy surrounding you, mirroring the bathwater's soothing effect. Let its energy comfort you and release any unnecessary burdens. Immerse yourself in the crystal's nurturing energy for as long as you desire.

After your bath, wrap yourself in a cozy robe or pajamas and lie down on your bed. Place the Aquamarine crystal on your throat, heart, or belly, expressing gratitude for its positive influence. Take a moment to relax with your crystal.

Ease back into your day gently, remembering to stay hydrated with purified water for continued healing. Observe the natural changes in your life as you embrace the loving energy of Aquamarine.

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