The Vishuddha chakra, also known as the throat chakra in Sanskrit, signifies 'pure' or 'purification,' fitting for the significance of mastering one's voice. This fifth chakra, located in our body's energy center, is where we express our aspirations, thoughts, emotions, and manifest our identity outwardly. It plays a vital role in fostering confidence, self-value, connections, and establishing a flow of energy between the heart and mind.

An unobstructed and clear throat chakra enables us to communicate openly, be understood, and enhance our relationships. Signs of a blocked throat chakra may involve feeling voiceless, timidity, conflict avoidance, indecisiveness, or seeking approval. Conversely, it can lead to dishonesty, thoughtless remarks, and insensitivity. Physically, a blocked throat chakra may manifest as throat or neck issues like frequent sore throats, mouth ulcers, jaw tension, thyroid problems, neck stiffness, dental concerns, and other symptoms in the throat area.

Harmonizing the throat chakra is crucial. When clear, our voice can empower us to express ourselves confidently, whether through spoken words or written expressions. Our words serve as a powerful medium to reveal our true selves and illuminate our path in the world.

The stones associated with the throat chakra include Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, Angelite, Blue Apatite, Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Kyanite, Celestite, Azurite, Larimar, and Blue Calcite. These stones aid in unblocking the throat and promoting clear and open communication.

Healing Crystals to Unblock Your Throat Chakra

Stones associated with the throat chakra often feature a blue color scheme that resonates with this energy center. Embracing the beauty of blue, these gemstones focus on promoting fluidity. When the throat chakra is unobstructed, it creates a bridge between the heart and the mind, enabling us to assert ourselves, voice our truths, and showcase our genuine selves. Infused with high frequencies, throat chakra stones imbue qualities like bravery, empathy, faith, and emotional stability, enhancing your communication abilities, self-awareness, and articulation. Explore some of our preferred healing crystals to release any barriers in the throat chakra.


Aquamarine, known as the stone of courage, is like a mermaid's kiss that beckons you to plunge into the depths of your soul. This sparkling blue and green gem, associated with the throat chakra, is cherished for its calming properties. Aquamarine is a symbol of the sea, offering a melodious call of clarity and honesty amidst turbulent waters. It has a calming effect on throat-related fears and anxiety, helping you stay true to your authentic voice.

Lapis Lazuli

Radiant in deep blue with golden flecks, Lapis Lazuli exudes royal elegance, sparking profound thoughts underpinned by profound self-awareness. This gem of truth is ideal for the throat chakra, traditionally sought after by visionaries, wise individuals, and orators for its ability to enhance articulation and communication. Writers, too, can draw inspiration from this transformative gem as Lapis Lazuli unlocks creativity. Enhancing bonds and fostering sincerity, Lapis Lazuli empowers and enriches friendships by emphasizing the importance of honesty.


The Amazonite gemstone, known for empowering warrior women, serves as a healer for the heart chakra and throat chakra. With its mesmerizing blue and green hues, this stone symbolizes strength, wisdom, protection, and uplifting positivity. Just like the courageous Amazonian warriors, it encourages us to embrace our inner power and trust ourselves. Starting with finding our voice and distinguishing our truth from external influences, Amazonite encourages prioritizing self-care and breaking free from self-doubt and fear of criticism. It promotes clear communication and fosters connections within the sisterhood.


With hues reminiscent of ocean waves and the promise of salted air, Sodalite emanates a soothing and harmonious energy. It is known for its dynamic properties, often referred to as the stone of poets, as it stimulates creativity and aids in articulation. Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, encouraging wisdom to enhance communication. For those seeking depth in their words, Sodalite provides insights to enrich and infuse significance, wonder, and rhythm into spoken thoughts.

Blue Lace Agate

Soft and serene, Blue Lace Agate promotes thoughtful and genuine communication. This crystal, associated with the throat chakra, emphasizes the importance of expressing ourselves honestly, even when the truth may be difficult. Its gentle and nurturing properties assist in navigating challenging discussions with loved ones while preserving our self-identity. Blue Lace Agate reduces negativity, fosters a harmonious energy flow, and ensures our communication remains positive and purposeful. If you seek to connect with your inner truth, Blue Lace Agate is the perfect crystal for you.


With a name as pure as its nature, Angelite embodies tranquil shades of heavenly blue, embodying pure truth and elevated thinking. This serene gem symbolizes progress to a higher level, emphasizing the importance of a clear throat chakra, an awakened third eye chakra, and a radiant light crown chakra. Angelite facilitates the connection between these chakras, ensuring a perpetual presence of love, light, and equilibrium. Moreover, it can enhance clairvoyance abilities and astral travel experiences.

Blue Apatite

Open up the floodgates of truth and allow your words to flow with the vibrant energy of the Apatite stone. This crystal is closely linked to the throat chakra, transforming negative energies into clear positivity, akin to turning stormy clouds into serene blue skies. Blue Apatite encourages personal strength and authenticity, guiding you to focus on your inner truth. It emphasizes moving away from self-limiting narratives and welcoming the essence of truth with openness and grace.


Exuding stunning hues of swirling green and blue, Chrysocolla possesses a profoundly calming energy. This gem resonates with the throat chakra and promotes healing vibrations for the heart chakra. Its primary purpose is to bring tranquility and balance to your entire being. Chrysocolla excels in alleviating anxiety and depression while fostering self-expression and reclaiming personal empowerment. It serves as a valuable gem for those overcoming people-pleasing tendencies and lingering apprehensions about embracing their authentic voice. By enhancing communication skills and dispelling fear-driven thoughts, Chrysocolla also proves beneficial for healing strained relationships.

Blue Chalcedony

Soft and serene, Blue Chalcedony embodies the tranquility of shallow waters and sunlight. It brings a sense of calm, stillness, and trust. This crystal is especially beneficial for those who tend to speak hastily or with intense emotions. Blue Chalcedony nurtures the throat chakra and awakens the third eye chakra, allowing your communication to be light yet profound. Moreover, it aids in avoiding impulsive anger and ensures that your words stem from a place of wisdom.

Blue Kyanite

Carved in white and blue hues, the Kyanite crystal emanates affection towards the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. The fusion of communication and inner wisdom creates a harmonious blend, allowing us to articulate from a space of genuine comprehension when connected with our inner selves. Besides addressing energy blockages in the throat, Kyanite unlocks latent psychic talents, awakening any clairvoyant instincts and telepathic capabilities. Enhance your vision, articulate your thoughts with precision with the mystical Kyanite.


Celestite, one of the angel stones, embodies celestial energy, wisdom of the third eye chakra, and the essence of clear and vibrant communication. Acting as a steadfast advocate for the throat chakra, Celestite effectively removes any obstacles, enabling deeper exploration of dreams and ensuring that your energy remains elevated. This exquisite light gem emits feelings of tranquility and joy, incorporating air and water energy to balance fiery tendencies. By communicating with fiery passion, we risk causing harm. Celestite guides us to stay true to ourselves, encouraging us to pause, embrace tranquility in our thoughts, and speak with intention.


While Azurite is commonly linked to the profound wisdom of the third eye chakra, this rich blue gem also serves as a purifier for the throat chakra. Bursting with communicative energy, Azurite showcases captivating blues akin to ancient Egyptian royalty, highlighting your potential as powerful as pharaohs, goddesses, and queens. Despite its delicate nature, Azurite possesses remarkable strength. It excels in promoting clear communication in the present and aids in expressing past concerns that may have hindered your progress.


A lustrous stone imbued with feelings of relaxation, Larimar resonates with high vibrations and helps release fears. This gem primarily affects the throat chakra but also influences the heart, third eye, and crown chakras. Addressing these upper chakras underscores the interconnectedness of everything, emphasizing that clearing blockages allows access to our higher power and enables purposeful navigation of the world. Larimar empowers speaking one's truth without hesitation, promoting actions aligned with the greater good.

Blue Calcite

Rebalance your throat chakra and awaken your third eye using the vibrant Blue Calcite. This beautiful crystal enhances your energy flow and helps remove any stagnant energy, paving the way for light to move freely throughout your body. With its high vibrations, Blue Calcite is a valuable addition to your crystal collection for connecting to higher realms. While it promotes communication on a physical level, it also aids in spiritual communication by facilitating a clear connection with spirit guides and helping you understand your psychic abilities.

How can these crystals be utilized?

Now that you have a collection of powerful gemstones to open up your throat chakra and discover your unique voice, there are several ways to utilize these crystals to release blocked energy. Embrace your voice and explore the enchantment of your words with these techniques for tapping into vibrational energy:

  • Wear blue gemstone jewelry to maintain a constant connection and presence.
  • Position throat chakra stones on your throat during meditation, reiki sessions, or cleansing of the 5th chakra.
  • Hold a stone while engaging in challenging discussions or public speaking.
  • Create a crystal grid, set up an altar, or keep blue gems nearby during spiritual communication.


The throat chakra plays a crucial role in our everyday experiences. When we feel listened to and understood instead of suppressing our thoughts, we enhance our personal strength and self-assurance. This empowers us to express our true selves confidently, avoiding feelings of frustration and fear. These exquisite blue crystals aid in healing and inspire us to rediscover our voice, reminding us that ultimately, we must speak up for ourselves.

We welcome you to discover our available crystals that support the throat chakra here.

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