The Sahasrara, also known as the crown chakra, represents our connection to the universe and spiritual consciousness. With its vibrant violet and white hues, cosmic energy, and boundary-defying essence, the crown chakra offers us an extraordinary adventure.

Serving as a bridge between the physical world we know and the mysteries of the cosmos, the crown chakra is where we can connect with the vast, unknown universe. By unlocking this chakra, we can access the highest state of learning and achieve spiritual balance. Those who have an open crown chakra radiate with peace, light, and abundance, and are led by trust rather than fear.

However, a blockage or imbalance in the crown chakra can result in feelings of cynicism, loneliness, lack of direction, and disconnection. Whether one feels overwhelmed or understimulated, balance is vital for the Sahasrara. By achieving balance, we can awaken every cell in our body and experience a deep sense of belonging and purpose.

Healing Crystals for the Crown Chakra

For those seeking to open their crown chakra, crystals are an ideal tool. While all crystals possess cosmic energy, some are more attuned to higher consciousness than others. These gems are often distinguished by their purple and white hues and are saturated with a celestial quality. Soak up these high spiritual vibes and check out these healing crystals to tap into your highest chakra.


Amethyst is the ultimate crown chakra gem, known for its striking purple hue and spiritual properties. This gemstone is a powerful stress-reliever that opens you up to the light of the universe. It also activates the third eye chakra, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and receive the messages you need. Amethyst is perfect for deep meditation, raising your vibration, and transforming negative energy into love and connected consciousness.

Clear Quartz

Radiating clarity, the Clear Quartz stone boasts exceptional healing qualities on many levels. Known for its ability to work on all chakras, this gem dissolves blockages and promotes the free flow of energy. Clear Quartz enables you to connect with your higher self and prepares you to embrace new experiences with an open mind and heart. It stimulates the crown chakra, allowing light to flow through and awaken dormant dreams and desires, filling your physical and spiritual being with renewed purpose and strength.


Selenite, a peachy or snow-white gemstone in its raw form, is one of the most potent sources of healing energy for the crown chakra. It is infused with the elements of truth, integrity, and positive power, helping you to embrace your inner light and live a purposeful, insightful life. Selenite allows you to look past the present moment, giving way for you to harmonize with higher frequencies and even connect with spirit guides. By granting access to this realm, Selenite encourages spiritual growth and enhances your overall well-being.


Experience the harmonious blend of purple and pink hues with the Lepidolite stone. This gem is known for winning over the crown chakra, filtering out anxiety, and bringing peace into your life. Lepidolites purpose is to make you feel complete and filled with wonder, which means balancing everything from your physical wellbeing to mental clarity and even cosmic connection. By dispelling the fear, this stone helps you to open your crown and internalize happiness instead of constantly pursuing it.


Howlite stone's cream-colored hue and intersecting grey roads represent the journey towards destiny. More than simply a gem for dreamers, Howlite facilitates a clear connection between your heart chakra and crown chakra. This alignment helps foster trust, wisdom, love, and understanding. For anyone feeling lost in this world, consider Howlite as your spiritual guide.


Labradorite is a fascinating stone that hypnotizes with its aurora borealis-like shimmer. This precious gem can activate all of your higher chakras, from unblocking the throat to enhance communication, tapping into the third eye chakra to heighten your perception, and clearing the crown chakra to find your true self. Labradorite can also awaken your imagination and unlock the magic and creativity of the mystique. Not only that, but it also protects your aura, allowing you to let go of your worries without fear.


Sugilite, with its rich, purpose-driven purple color, is a gemstone that can help you establish a deeper, stronger bond between your heart and mind. Its unique ability to facilitate the opening of the crown chakra makes it an ideal tool for meditation and spiritual practice. One of the most remarkable things about Sugilite is its power to help you let go of grudges and move forward. When we become trapped in the past, our crown chakra can become blocked, and we may feel stuck. Sugilite, known as the healer's gem, has a profound spiritual energy that can bring courage and strength to anyone who uses it. It's no wonder that Sugilite is associated with the lion's heart, as it has the potential to unleash your inner roar.

White Agate

If you're looking for a way to balance your energy and achieve a sense of harmony, White Agate stone is an excellent option. This snow-white stone is perfect for the crown chakra, as it works to flush out toxins and bring both your feminine and masculine energies into alignment. White Agate can also help to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and provide spiritual benefits by connecting you with the higher realms of angels and spirit guides. With all these benefits, White Agate is the perfect gem for those seeking both mental and spiritual clarity.


Fluorite is a powerful tool for enhancing focus and clarity. This crown chakra gemstone is adept at clearing mental clutter and guiding you towards the light. Whether you're meditating or simply seeking a deeper connection with yourself, Fluorite can help you unlock hidden potential. To fully harness its power, choose a darker shade of purple and ignite those crown chakra vibes.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a gemstone that exudes a regal, mystical aura. This stunning deep blue stone, flecked with gold and white ribbons, is a definite treat for the crown chakra, it also works wonders on all of your higher chakras. It enhances communication by clearing the throat chakra, promotes wisdom and emotional intelligence through the third eye chakra, and awakens the full potential of your crown chakra by illuminating the mind and allowing you to tap into your spiritual powers.


Moonstone has a radiant white glow that flows through the heart chakra, third eye chakra, and the luminous crown chakra to harness the feminine energy. Like the orb that illuminates our dark nights, Moonstone's gentle healing properties allow for spiritual growth without overwhelming us. It serves as a reminder that we are an integral part of the universe and embracing spirituality does not require changing our existence to fit into a certain form. Instead, acceptance, embracing change, and letting go of what doesn't serve us, opening the path  to receive abundance and the universe's heavenly blessings.


Also known as the soul stone, charoite possesses exceptional abilities to deeply cleanse chakras. This stone stimulates the heart chakra with love, strengthens inner wisdom and intuition through the third eye chakra, and creates higher thinking by opening the crown chakra. By working with Charoite, you can attain a positive and healthy mindset, which is essential to get the most out of your crown chakra.

White Calcite

Are limiting beliefs holding you back? The White Calcite Stone can help you tap into your inner spiritual power. This stone is renowned for its ability to activate the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. By bringing high vibrational energy to your body, mind, and soul, the White Calcite Stone helps you to align with your spiritual being and attain true inner peace.

Unlocking the Power of Crown Chakra Stones

These crown chakra stones offer access to the angelic realms and promote inner peace and harmony. These precious gems can elevate you to spiritual heights, and here are some ways to harness their power:

  • Visualize and hold the crown chakra stones in your hands
  • Place the gems under your pillow to awaken spiritual connections while you sleep
  • Create an altar with these stones to meditate and practice mindful healing
  • Massage your scalp with the crown chakra stones
  • Wear crown chakra gemstone jewelry to carry the energy with you

Create a crown chakra grid around you to amplify the effects.  

We welcome you to discover our available gemstones that support your crown chakra here.

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