At the core of our love and compassion lies the heart chakra, where our emotional energy flows. Known as Anahata in Sanskrit, this fourth chakra acts as a beautiful bridge between the grounding lower chakras and the spiritual higher chakras. It is a place where compassion, trust, empathy, self-care, connection to others, and forgiveness reside. While love is often associated with others, self-love is equally crucial. By deeply caring for ourselves, we can make decisions that benefit us, release past traumas, and enrich our life experiences.

A blocked heart chakra can lead to difficulties in forgiving, holding grudges, low self-esteem, feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, and physical symptoms like heart palpitations, blood pressure issues, poor circulation, and breathing problems. An overactive heart chakra may result in co-dependency, jealousy, high expectations, and being overly critical of others. Balancing the heart chakra is key to restoring harmony and well-being.

Crystals for Healing and Clearing Heart Blockages

Crystals offer a powerful method to clear stagnant blockages from the heart and rejuvenate your spirit. While we typically link soft pink gemstones with the heart chakra, shimmering green stones also resonate with this area. These gemstones are rich in loving energy and incorporate elements of strength, self-worth, happiness, and harmony.  Below are healing crystals for clearing heart blockages.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, known as the ultimate pink crystal and associated with the heart chakra, exudes a gentle and affectionate energy. This compassionate pink gem is overflowing with love and often referred to as the crystal of unconditional love. Beyond its romantic connotations, Rose Quartz promotes profound heart healing, enhances self-compassion and empathy, and provides comfort in numerous ways.


Dazzling in majestic shades of green, the Emerald gemstone embodies wisdom and enchantment, particularly in relation to the heart chakra. This gemstone functions on multiple levels, emphasizing harmony, equilibrium, and thriving in love, both with others and oneself. When engaging with Emerald, it imparts wisdom to your heart center and serves as a stone of prophecy, guiding you to have faith in your heart's messages. By trusting our hearts, we enhance our connections with others, promoting a sense of openness and liberation.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is an uplifting gem that radiates positive vibes to restore balance to your heart. This gentle crystal serves as a healer for the heart chakra, allowing you to align with serene earth energy. By deepening our bond with nature, we can welcome increased levels of tranquility and unity. Green Aventurine embodies the essence of spring energy, emphasizing nurturing and growth. For those seeking abundance and opportunities, Green Aventurine ensures that your heart is prepared and open to receive blessings in equal measure.


Rhodonite, glowing in soft hues of red and pink, captivates with its charm. This energetic stone, also called a rescue stone, excels in harmonizing both the heart chakra and the root chakra. By establishing a solid foundation, it paves the way for a more open heart and a sense of trust and empowerment. Rhodonite offers insights on enhancing this equilibrium and replenishing reserves of love, empathy, and kindness, allowing you to rediscover optimism and happiness during challenging moments.


The warrior spirit of Amazonite is untamed, passionate, and captivating. This gem, with its mesmerizing blue and green hues, exudes vibrant energy, focusing on unlocking the heart chakra and throat chakra to unleash your inner goddess energy. Legend has it that Amazonite decorated the shields of the Amazonian warrior women, known for their fierce and courageous nature, driven by profound emotions. For individuals seeking a boost in self-assurance to transform their love life, this bold gem helps release fears, allowing positivity to shine through.

Green Jade

A stone symbolizing exceptional luck, including in matters of love, Green Jade has been revered as a charm for vibrant living. This gem promotes a calm and focused mindset, aiding in accessing abundance. Green Jade prompts you to acknowledge your worth and strive for more, encouraging you to open your heart chakra to manifest the life you desire. Associated with joy and achievement, Jade serves as an amulet for those seeking self-made success.


The green and black Malachite stone is infused with powerful and sublime energy. This gem, associated with the heart and throat chakras, combines clarity of heart and voice, essential for nurturing love and effective communication. By maintaining these aspects, one can confidently express themselves, establish healthy boundaries, and embrace stability. Malachite, renowned for its transformative properties, serves as a supportive stone that encourages personal growth, making it particularly beneficial for empaths who may feel burdened by absorbing others' emotions.


Pink hues blend harmoniously to form the stunning banded stone known as Rhodochrosite. This gemstone serves as a bridge, connecting the energy flow from the root chakra, through the solar plexus chakra, and up to the glowing light of the heart chakra. Rhodochrosite is a powerful cleanser, capable of identifying and dissolving emotional blockages. With its association with Venus, the planet of love, this stone enhances heartfelt connections. It is particularly beneficial for rekindling relationships with those you have lost touch with and strengthening existing bonds.


Golden Prehnite emanates a revitalizing energy associated with the solar plexus chakra, yet it also resonates with the heart chakra. This radiant gemstone is renowned for its ability to bring abundant levels of unconditional love and healing. For healers, empaths, and shamans, having Prehnite close is crucial to maintaining a gentle, open spirit and preventing burnout. Prehnite enhances spiritual energies and serves as a valuable aid in keeping your heart engaged during profound meditation, visualization, or other psychic exercises.


In vibrant shades of apple green, the Chrysoprase stone offers a rejuvenating touch to the heart space. Known as the stone of divine truth, it serves as a reminder that wisdom is not confined to the mind but resonates deep within the heart. This lively gem embodies the energy of the spring season. For those who have felt dormant in the winter of their soul, Chrysoprase extends a helping hand to lift spirits and embrace joy. It guides us to break free from dependency, embrace self-forgiveness, appreciate our self-worth, and recognize our unique energy.

Ways to Utilize Heart Chakra Crystals

Just by having these stones near you or carrying them, they can start the process of healing your heart and surrounding you with a loving aura. For those looking to delve deeper and actively work on their heart chakra journey, you can also explore the following techniques to enhance the flow of your heart energy:

  • Wear gemstone jewelry next to your skin to allow these heart chakra crystals to resonate with your own energy.
  • Place these stones on your heart chakra area while meditating to release any blockages.
  • Hold a heart crystal while reciting affirmations of love in front of the mirror every morning.
  • Keep your stone nearby while writing in your gratitude journal.
  • Scatter your heart chakra crystals around your living space, particularly in the bedroom or communal areas, to promote harmony.
  • Indulge in a crystal-infused bath or sip on a crystal elixir during the day to fill your spirit with love.


Balancing our hearts is a wonderful experience that illuminates us with love, urging us to trust fearlessly. It reconnects us to greater purposes and assures us that compassion will guide us through. An open heart can help us overcome many of life's challenges.

We welcome you to discover our available crystals that are suited for your heart chakra here.

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