If you find yourself feeling anxious during eclipses, you're not the only one. These moments often bring about major and unexpected life changes, completely altering your world. While not every eclipse leads to dramatic shifts, they do reveal profound truths. Due to the intense and unpredictable energy, here are four rituals for Solar Eclipses to help you navigate this unsettling period safely.

The upcoming total Solar Eclipse in Aries, scheduled for April 8 at 2:21 PM ET, may lead to the collapse of relationships with shaky foundations. This Solar Eclipse arrives during a period of uncertainty, following a Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25. Libra, known for struggling to pursue desires without hesitation, is juxtaposed with Aries in terms of independence, personal identity, and partnerships. The current cosmic alignment encourages you to release fear, move past obstacles, and break free from stagnation. Embracing power, independence, and taking action align with the North Node's message in Aries.

During a new moon, the Solar Eclipse occurs, while a Lunar Eclipse happens during a full moon. Surprisingly, eclipse season is not the most favorable time for performing spells or manifestation rituals.

Wondering why a solar eclipse isn't suitable for your typical new moon practices? This energy is intense and unpredictable, risking backfiring if incorporated into spell work. Charging your crystals under the sunlight isn't advisable during a solar eclipse since the celestial brilliance of both the sun and the moon is overshadowed by a powerful shadow. This could imprint your crystals with the stressful and chaotic energy associated with eclipse season.

As the universe intervenes to make changes in your life, there's no need to focus on shaping, controlling, or manifesting your future during this period. Take time to process the upcoming changes, trusting that everything will unfold as intended. Here are four simple rituals to guide you through this phase and ensure your well-being.

Stay indoors and close blinds during a solar eclipse

Astrologers and spiritual advisors caution against being outside to witness an eclipse. The sun, representing life, abundance, and identity, loses its usual vitality when overshadowed by the moon. Many in the astrology community suggest staying indoors during this time to avoid feeling drained by the sun’s weakened energy. The intensity of a solar eclipse creates a suitable atmosphere for canceling plans, staying home, and taking it easy. Despite feeling unproductive, this period is conducive to spiritual reflection and internal growth. Set boundaries, rest, and allow yourself the time to recharge during this transformative phase.

Journal, meditate, and get grounded 

Eclipses tend to intensify situations and bring chaos into your life. If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain about the future, take the time to journal, practice deep breathing, and meditate. Writing down your current emotions and experiences can help bring clarity and perspective, offering valuable insights. Meditation during the solar eclipse will help you process and understand the important messages it brings. Staying grounded will empower you to navigate the eclipse's effects with confidence, strength, and resilience.

Cleanse your energy and home 

Because you're already handling a lot, there's no need to burden yourself further. To navigate the restless energy surrounding the solar eclipse, take a moment to purify your energy and surroundings. Lighting sacred smoke or palo santo can help clear mental fog and stagnant spiritual energy, easing the confusion during this transition. Place selenite sticks in your home to cleanse the energy, and add protective stones like obsidian to shield you from any negative energy coming. Given our susceptibility to absorbing negative vibes during a solar eclipse, cleansing your energy is crucial at this time.

Conduct a Release Ritual During Eclipses

Eclipses often push us to release things that no longer serve us but still linger in our lives. To embrace this transition, consider performing a releasing ritual. Grab a piece of paper and jot down everything you are prepared to let go of using black ink. After expressing your thoughts, fold the paper away from you and place it in a fireproof container. Let it burn during the eclipse, trusting that it will assist in the process of letting go.

If you plan to work with your crystals during the solar eclipse, here are three red fire stones that perfectly resonate with the energy of this rare cosmic event:

  • Red Jasper: This stone symbolizes the enduring flame of fire, making it an ideal choice for the solar eclipse. During the red glow of the sky, your Red Jasper will soak up these potent energies and retain them within its crystal structure.
  • Fire Quartz: Similar to Red Jasper, Fire Quartz captures the essence of the sun's rays. Encased in a transparent crystal, the fiery minerals ignite your zest for life, knowledge, and the cosmos. Not only visually stunning, Fire Quartz also offers endless intrigue.
  • Garnet: Red Garnet is a lavish stone associated with the solar eclipse. It serves as a reminder of life's brevity and value. Just as the sun provides abundant wealth, Garnet encourages you to savor the riches that life offers. Embrace the sun's abundance through the allure of Garnet.

Feel free to checkout our collection of noted crystals ideal for enjoying the solar eclipse here.

Keep in mind that not all changes brought about by an eclipse are necessarily negative. At times, an eclipse eliminates things that have hindered our true path for an extended period. Coping with and embracing these changes can be challenging, but the promising future ahead makes the process worthwhile. Since the eclipse already brings significant changes, there's no need to complicate things with elaborate manifestation rituals or charging your crystals. Just unwind and let the cosmic events unfold naturally.

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