You must have a keen interest in crystals if you're here, right? You're probably familiar with ultraviolet light. But have you explored the world of crystals that glow under UV light? If you've been following me for a while, you've seen my excitement over these fascinating UV reactive crystals! From ruby glowing bright red to fluorite shining in vibrant blue, the variety is captivating. If you're as intrigued as I was when I first discovered this amazing phenomenon, then this blog is perfect for you.

What exactly is a UV Reactive Crystal?

Simply put, a crystal that emits light when exposed to UV light is called a fluorescent crystal. The mineral composition of the crystal dictates its fluorescence and intensity. While all minerals can reflect light, some have the unique ability to absorb and then release light at a different wavelength, a phenomenon known as fluorescence. When illuminated by UV light, these stones or fluorescent crystals can create the illusion of emitting light themselves.

Why Some Crystals Illuminate When Exposed to UV Light

The interaction of specific light wavelengths such as cathode rays, x-rays, and UV light excites electrons in illuminated minerals. These electrons briefly shift to a higher orbital position within the mineral's atomic structure, trapping light energy. When the electrons return to their original position, the trapped energy is released, creating a captivating fluorescent glow.

Moreover, the light emitted often differs from the ordinary light reflected by a full spectrum light source, resulting in the crystal glowing with a unique colour not seen in daylight.

The crucial element lies in the wavelength change when the excited electron returns to its initial position, leading to a change in colour.

This phenomenon is most noticeable in a dark room where only UV light is present, making the reflected and altered light visible. As UV light is invisible to the human eye, only the modified light reflected from the crystal or stone can be seen. This creates a mesmerizing effect of gemstones appearing to glow magically in the dark.

Do Crystals Respond Differently to Longwave Versus Shortwave Light?

Yes, indeed! For those intrigued by this as a hobby, understanding the distinction is crucial.

UV light exists just beyond the visible spectrum, adjacent to purple. It ranges from 100 to 400 nm (nanometers), with shortwave spanning from 200 to 280nm, midwave from 280 to 315nm, and longwave from 315 to 400nm.

Some minerals fluoresce under various light sources, including the less-discussed midwave light. Certain stones may only glow under one wavelength, while some crystals emit different colours based on the light wavelength they fluoresce under.

Longwave UV light, known as 'black light', is widely recognized and effectively highlights around 15% of all fluorescing minerals. Longwave lamps are cost-effective and ideal for beginners looking to purchase a lamp.

Midwave UV light is gaining popularity with more available lamps in this range. Some minerals only fluoresce under this light or display a different colour compared to LW and SW light. Exploring stones in this light can offer a fresh perspective on those already seen under the other wavelengths.

Shortwave UV light is favored by enthusiasts for its ability to induce fluorescence in most stones that glow in the dark. However, these lamps are pricier compared to those designed for the other two ranges, despite their enhanced utility.

Which Minerals Shine When Exposed to Ultraviolet Light?

Venturing into the world of gemstones and minerals reveals a vast array of over 500 extraordinary specimens. Throughout this fascinating journey, you will witness the stunning beauty of these stones, each showcasing a unique reaction to specialized lighting.

Imagine the magic of a ruby under UV light, unveiling its inner brilliance and vivid colours, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your collection. Similarly, the charm of gold under a black light offers a mesmerizing sight, exposing hidden qualities and features not visible in regular light.

In this diverse collection of gemstones and minerals, each piece shares a tale. From the mesmerizing display of fluorescent minerals under ultraviolet light to the enigmatic revelations in darkness, every find strengthens your bond with Earth's geological marvels. So, as you explore further, stay alert for these captivating moments that deepen your admiration for these exceptional treasures.

We welcome you to discover our available UV crystals here.

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