Milky Druzy Agate Eye (in stand)


Milky Agate is known to balance an individual's feminine and masculine energies, while also aiding in the release of toxins and boosting the immune system. This unique stone is also believed to enhance concentration and analytical abilities, and promote healing from past traumas, instilling courage and trust along the way.

Enhance Your Room's Energy with Crystal Diamonds

A simple way to create a high-vibrational energy vortex in any room is by placing a crystal diamond in each corner. When you need a boost in mental focus or relaxation, take a few minutes to meditate while holding a crystal diamond. This will help you feel refreshed and re-energized in no time.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique
  • Crystal 522g (900g with stand) 10-3/4" tall (with stand)

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