Black Sardonyx Heart



Unveiling the Advantages of Wearing Sardonyx Gemstones

Sardonyx is a powerful gemstone that provides both physical and emotional benefits. Its wearers can enjoy enhanced focus, detoxification, as well as strength and protection. Since ancient times, Sardonyx gemstones have been believed to possess metaphysical properties.

Sardonyx: August's Birthstone

Sardonyx, a type of Agate, belongs to the Chalcedony mineral family and is the birthstone for August. It is a blend of Sard, a form of orange carnelian, and Onyx, which gives it its distinctive striped or banded appearance. The stone is composed of alternating layers of Sard and Onyx.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique
  • Avg 34g

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