Blue Tiger's Eye Sphere


The Mystical Properties of Blue Tiger Eye

Blue Tiger Eye is a unique and intuitive stone that can help you channel your energies to reach higher vibrations. Through its effect, you can unlock your unique third eye abilities, which allows you to better focus on your surroundings. You may even notice new energies and thoughts occurring during routine tasks that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is a sign that your mental capacity is growing and you are gaining more natural power. By aligning your chakra column, you can attune yourself to higher realms of the cosmos.

While energies can be channeled from different dimensions and realms, one must first seek out the ability within to do so. These traits stem from your subconscious level and can be accessed by anyone willing to invest time and effort. Crystals like Blue Tiger Eye can aid in understanding ourselves, so that we may begin to comprehend the vast universe within and around us.

    • Price is for one piece
    • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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