Blue Tiger's Eye Tumbled


Blue Tiger Eye, also known as Hawk Eye, is a type of Tiger Eye (which is a pseudomorph of Crocodolite) that forms in mass structures. Its deep blue color originates from natural Crocodolite fibers present in the stone that have not completely transformed into Limonite yet. Typically highly chatoyant, this stone often displays additional hues of Tiger Eye like gold, red, and brown. Blue Tiger Eye is commonly sourced from regions including South Africa, Namibia, India, Brazil, and Canada.

Blue Tiger Eye is a crystal known for its intuitive properties, helping to direct your energies towards higher frequencies. It boosts intelligence and gradually unveils your unique third eye capabilities. Experience improved focus and heightened awareness of your environment. Everyday tasks may reveal new energies and thoughts that would otherwise go unnoticed, symbolizing the expansion of your mental capacity and utilization of its inherent power. This enhancement enables you to align your chakras and connect with higher cosmic realms. By tapping into your inner abilities, you can access energies from various dimensions, requiring dedication and readiness. Crystals like Blue Tiger Eye facilitate self-discovery, aiding in the exploration of the vast universe within and around us.

    • Price is for one piece
    • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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