Dragonstone Tumbled


Dragon Stone is a type of Epidote that contains red Piemontite throughout. Piemontite belongs to the Epidote family and can be discovered in prismatic and acicular crystal structures. Epidote acts as a natural energy amplifier and draws in what you emit. Dragon Stone is typically found in metamorphic rocks like marble or granite. A less common occurrence is when it forms through hydrothermal alteration, changing sedimentary and metamorphic rocks into igneous rocks. This unique formation has only been observed in Copper mines in South Africa, commonly near modern natural hot springs, supporting the theory of their origin.

Dragon Stone is a stone known for activating and unlocking the heart, while Piemontite strengthens and rejuvenates the heart and emotional body. When combined with Epidote, the red rays enhance the heart's healing process and facilitate a reconnection between the mind, heart, and soul. This vital reconnection aligns your thoughts and emotions, allowing you to speak and feel as one cohesive being rather than fragmented feelings. Dragon Stone is highly recommended for self-improvement, enabling you to better connect with those closest to you by filling your heart with love, courage, and strength, which you'll naturally radiate to others.

Additionally, remember that Epidote attracts the energy you emit, akin to a karmic cycle of what you give out returning to you. If you find yourself in a negative state, it's advisable to set aside the Dragon Stone until you can take a moment to focus on self-improvement.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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