Gold Tiger's Eye Tumbled


Gold tigers eye is a gemstone in which crocidolite has been replaced by quartz, while its fibrous structure is preserved. The shimmering eye-like nature, called chatoyancy, is caused by these fibers. Found primarily in Africa and India, it is prized as a gemstone and often fashioned into jewellery.

As a healing stone, tigers eye creates a balance of power, this protection stone assists in accomplishing goals. It is helpful for recognizing needs of both the self and others.

Willpower, Balance, Grounding, Discernment, Manifestation, Self Motivation, Warrior’s Spirit, Encourages Attention to Details, Combines Earth with Light/ Sun energy for an intense and well rounded stone. Solar Plexus/ Third Chakra

    • Price is for one piece
    • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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