Healer's Gold Diamond (in stand)


Discovering the Mystical Healer's Gold – A Rare Gemstone Found in Arizona's Desert

The recent discovery of Healer's Gold (also known as Apache Gold) in the Arizona desert is a unique combination of Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) and Magnetite (Iron Oxide). The color blend of gold and sub-metallic black, intertwined with occasional white trails, makes it a stunning find. Composed almost entirely of iron, this stone is remarkably heavy. Its scarcity has made it a highly sought-after item among crystal collectors and spiritual practitioners alike, with its value skyrocketing due to its limited supply.

Healer's Gold: The New Age Amulet for Inner Strength

In a world full of distractions, it's easy to lose sight of our goals and inner strength. But fear not, Healer’s Gold is here to help. This new age amulet is designed to connect you with earth-born energies and help you achieve your internal desires. Everyone has unique energy within themselves, and Healer's Gold can help you tap into it. By advancing your thought process and boosting your mental capacity, this stone can help you appreciate and accept your inner strength. Trust your instincts, remember where you've been, and understand why you're on the journey you're on. With Healer's Gold, you'll be reminded of your ability to inspire yourself and others to achieve greatness.

Harness the Power of Healer's Gold for Visualization Exercises

Are you ready to create the future of your dreams? Healer's Gold is a powerful tool for visualization exercises. By tapping into the energy of Pyrite, which helps us understand our desires, and Magnetite, which naturally attracts them to us, we can manifest our goals. It's important to stay focused and committed to see results. As the most magnetic mineral on Earth, Magnetite provides an unparalleled energy that opens up our lower three chakras and strengthens the connection between them. This is essential for fulfilling our earthly duties and staying connected to the planet.


  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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