Honeycomb Ruby Tower


Benefits of Utilizing Honeycomb Ruby for Improved Energy and Concentration

Honeycomb Ruby point has been known to enhance energy levels and improve concentration. In addition, this crystal can help to boost creativity, loyalty, honor, and compassion. Ruby is also believed to stimulate the heart chakra, providing spiritual wisdom while protecting against psychic attacks.

With all the properties of natural Ruby, but it's made by superheating aluminum oxide and chromium oxide.

Skillfully designed, this tower includes a stunning ruby gemstone at the core that illuminates brightly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. 

Enhance Your Room's Energy with Crystal Towers

A simple way to create a high-vibrational energy vortex in any room is by placing a crystal tower in each corner. When you need a boost in mental focus or relaxation, take a few minutes to meditate while holding a crystal tower. This will help you feel refreshed and re-energized in no time.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique
  • Avg 3"

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