Lapis Lazuli Tower


The lapis lazuli stone, a rich blue crystal, is believed to possess metaphysical properties that aid in enhancing intuition and psychic abilities for the wearer. Moreover, it is reputed to assist in dispelling negative energies, fostering peace, and tranquility. Additionally, lapis lazuli is purported to support the immune system, harmonize hormones, and combat infections.

The term "lapis" originates from the Latin word for stone, while "lazuli" is derived from the Persian word for blue. In history, Lapis Lazuli was employed for medicinal purposes like alleviating headaches, fever, infections, and warding off evil spirits. It was also believed to aid in treating asthma, gout, and even insanity.

Dating back to ancient Egypt, this stone was extensively traded with the Mesopotamians. Today, Lapis Lazuli continues to serve various functions. It is used as a gem believed to encourage friendship and loyalty, as well as to deepen the appreciation of beauty and truth.

Lapis lazuli stones typically exhibit a deep blue hue with white or gold specks dispersed within. Whether in its natural form or polished, you should be able to observe the vivid gold or milky white calcite present throughout the crystal.

  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique
  • Price is for one piece

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