Nundoorite Tumbled


Nunderite, a rare stone, features charming earthy tones of brown and green. Despite its relative obscurity, various crystal healing practitioners and lightworkers have acknowledged its potent qualities. This stone is believed to possess strong grounding abilities, facilitating a connection to nature and Mother Earth. Nunderite, a delightful brown stone with hints of green, is relatively new, leading to limited available information. Confusion exists regarding its origin and correct spelling, often being confused with Nundoorite, a similar-sounding stone from a different location.

The Nunderite variety originates from Nundle, a village in New South Wales, Australia, while Nundoorite is said to be sourced from Nundoora Station, approximately 668 miles west of Nundle. It is speculated that Nundoorite stones were previously extracted from this region in NSW until the supply was exhausted. Currently, the stones commonly found in the market are likely Nunderite from New South Wales, specifically Nundle and Broken Hill.

Nunderite, a composition of brown andalusite with green epidote specks, is believed to combine the healing properties of both minerals and is categorized as a rock rather than a mineral. Nunderite tumbled stones are popular and easily accessible. When polished, these rocks display gem-like qualities similar to brown andalusite, quartz with microcrystalline structures, and jasper.

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