Peach Selenite Tumbled


Peach Selenite – The Transformative Crystal with Various Properties 

Peach Selenite, also known as Satin Spar or Orange Selenite, is a soft mineral made of gypsum. The crystal's name is derived from the Greek moon goddess, Selene, and loosely translates to moonstone. Its layers give it a natural glow and radiance, like that of the moon, which explains its name.

This crystal comes in various colors such as white, gold, and rose, and shapes, including hourglass, towers, and wands. Each shape has its unique use. For instance, the Peach Selenite Hourglass helps with grounding, the towers are used for protection and negativity removal, while the wands cleanse your body, energy, and aura.

Peach Selenite has many other names, including gypsum flower, desert rose, and disodium selenite. It is a high-frequency crystal with physical and mental benefits.

 When kept in your space, Peach Selenite can help with emotional healing, clarity, forgiveness, and spiritual connection. It is also a protective crystal that shields you from negative energies.

In summary, Peach Selenite is a transformative and healing crystal with various properties that can enhance your overall well-being.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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