Shiva Shell Eye Heart


Shiva Shells, also known as Pacific Cat's Eye, are believed to activate the Third Eye Chakra, transforming and dispelling negative energy. This striking natural gem, composed of calcium carbonate, features brown and black bands carved into an eye shape. Aside from being revered in India, Lord Shiva is worshipped in other countries such as Tibet and Sri Lanka, and the gem derives its name from the third eye of Lord Shiva depicted at the center of his forehead. Shiva's eye serves as a significant crystal for divination and transformation, guiding individuals towards new paths in life.

This gemstone offers insight into the Third Eye and possesses Water energy, enhancing the wearer's intuition to sharpen discernment and deepen understanding. As a stone of wisdom, it aids in comprehending the world and unfolding events. Placing Shiva's eye in the northern area of one's home is believed to be beneficial, associated with personal history and career development. The stone's flowing energy balances life's currents and safeguards against negative influences. Used primarily as a meditation crystal, the Eye of Shiva, or Pacific Cat's Eye, aids in self-understanding and navigating life's challenges. Through deep introspection, it helps individuals harmonize their inner selves with the external world in a way that resonates with the heart. Known to deflect the Evil Eye and support intuitive abilities, this crystal is valued for its protective and transformative qualities.

  • Price is for one piece
  • Each stone is natural therefore is unique

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